Data Management Plans

untitled-2With the explosive production of scientific data in recent decades, many funding agencies are increasingly requiring robust data management plans
for scientific projects. Keeping scientific data secure, accessible, and valuable during and after research projects is an emerging priority as “big data” emerges within and among various scientific fields. Maintaining access and utility for scientific data are also important for retaining the scientific value of physical samples they were derived from, and in facilitating replication, validation, or re-analysis of samples into the future. There are a variety of helpful open-source tools available to assist in producing data management plans for scientific studies, including DMPOnline  and DMPTool.

Scientific publishers Elsevier and Science Direct have published articles providing valuable advice on constructing data management plans, as well as advice on data sharing and accessibility. Additionally, Dr. Rob Hooft of the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences has produced a webinar on developing data management plans for scientific projects and the data they produce. NOAA’s paleoclimatology program also provides data management guidelines for researchers and data contributors to follow.

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