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Complimentary Programs

EarthCube: EarthCube is a community-led cyberinfrastructure initiative for the geosciences. EarthCube’s diverse project teams are creating the framework for sharing data and knowledge in an open and inclusive manner to enable an integrated understanding of the Earth system.

MARPA Workspace at EarthCube: Be a part of the MARPA project group. Obtain an EarthCube account and contribute to this grassroots endeavor today!

LinkedEarth: LinkedEarth is an EarthCube-funded project aiming to better organize and share Earth Science data, especially paleoclimatic data. LinkedEarth facilitates the work of scientists by empowering them to curate their own data and to build new tools centered around those. Read the LinkedEarth report on the recent 2016 Boulder, CO. Paleo-workshop in PAGES Magazine.


MARPA Presentations

MARPA Presentation at the 2016 Boulder, CO Paleo-Workshop

MARPA Poster at the 2016 International Sclerochronology Conference


Data Management Plan Resources

Creating a Data Management Plan



Responsible Data Sharing